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Exactly how to learn to do massage

consist of these manipulations only, with a few strokings of the head added, but as soon as we can clearly define the deposits we commence with our strong frictions and kneadings, picking up the lump separately and squeezing it between the thumb and fingers. This causes pain often to such a degree that it becomes necessary to allow the patient some rest occasionally; the whole treatment should never exceed twenty minutes, and by that time not only the patient but also the operator has had enough! The patient should be compelled to take a rest in a recumbent position for fifteen minutes after the treatment.

It is not sufficient to massage the muscles and their deposits only but the nerves of the scalp and of the forehead should receive attention, particularly in those cases where we are able to find local structural changes.

In regard to the Swedish movements we have principally the following as the most useful:

o 1. Susp. bending of head (concentric).

o 2. Sitting bending of head.

o 3. St. bending of turned body sideways.

o 4. Sitting turning of the head.

o 5. Ostrom's combined resp. movement (see page 96).

In the movements marked 3 and 5 the reader will notice that the author wishes to act upon the organs of the trunk which are apt to become congested, especially the liver. I have had several cases of


headaches in plethorics which did not yield at all until I carefully treated the liver.

It is well to mention that in all cases the author has watched and treated, there was invariably either a history of gout, rheumatism or a congested liver with distended gall-bladder. Consequently we must not lose sight of the necessity of proper diet and medication to prevent the further formation of deposits -massage is effective only for what has been formed by impaired digestion and stored up in the muscles by locally impaired circulation.


Experience shows that even old cases of paralysis are very often improved, and sometimes completely cured, by mechanotherapy. Its advantages consist in being able to work upon the entire nerve-system as soon as the least activity is apparent in the affected side.

The massage is used at first to stimulate the nerves and to increase nutrition. It will always be of some benefit, provided the system has power to react.

In treating a case of paralysis the operator should remember two special points:

1. Find out which muscles are affected and treat them and their nerve-supplies with massage.

2. Overcome the contraction of the antagonists by movements, or if necessary by braces.

Where there is active power in the affected side,


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